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Video Interviews with Jane Goldman

ImprovLive 365, Episode 2: Happy Accidents
This is ImprovLive 365’s first in a series of episodes taken of interviews by Tom Hall with painter, printmaker, and public artist Jane Goldman.

ImprovLive 365, Episode 20: Inner and Outer
In ImprovLive 365’s second interview with Jane Goldman, she talks about the relationship between direct observation and free association.

ImprovLive 365, Episode 62: Shades of Dark and Light
In ImprovLive 365’s third episode with painter, printmaker and public artist Jane Goldman, she talks about her personal relationship with light.

For more information about Tom Hall or ImprovLive 365, visit his website or his YouTube channel.

Slideshows with Jane Goldman

Artist Proof Studio Workshops

Costa Rica, Take Nine Exhibition

Woodcut Workshop Costa Rica