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Jane teaching at Mixit Print Studio

Jane teaching at Mixit Print Studio

We make art to wake up ourselves, our colleagues, the world. As rigorous as any inner-oriented discipline, visual art reflects the maker’s life philosophy, personal temperament, and aspirations.

Teaching is the job of leading students to make connections, between their life stories and the greater world, to guide their research in both learning physical processes and mining their personal experiences.

Teaching at Artist Proof Studio, South Africa

Teaching at Artist Proof Studio, South Africa

As a teacher I aim for several fits: the match of medium to the individual’s skills, temperament, and goals; integrating material and message; understanding one’s nature and place on the continuum between spontaneity and control; and the balance between the intuitive impulse and its physical manifestation.

My class plans are structured to provide the framework necessary to acquiring technical skills and tools that allow students to experiment with confidence. I also emphasize the need to articulate one’s intentions through written exercises.


Upcoming 2021 Workshops with Jane Goldman

Go with the Flow: Watercolor Monotype

Do you love the translucence and flowing marks of watercolor, the surprises and freshness of seeing your painting on plexiglass transform through the alchemy of working with a press?

Explore these aspects of this medium–and more–as you print with watercolor on plexiglass for an exciting combination of luminosity and complex color layering.

Mixit Print Studio
June 21-25, 2021 from 10am to 4pm

32 Clifton Street, Somerville, MA
Sign up at Mixitprint.com