Looking Within

There Is No Map

My current body of work creates visual expressions for incorporeal ideas. It maps the relationship between the individual and the greater community, i.e. between inner life and outer experience, by superimposing architectural plans of sacred centers, such as a cathedral, a stupa, and images symbolizing the inner journey: the labyrinth, a Parcheesi board. As in traditional architecture, these “maps” are designed on the symbolic relationship between square and circle, the human and the divine. The integration of the two is a metaphor for equilibrium between heaven and earth. The square represents physical space while the unending circle is a timeless center.

The interaction of these designs creates a Mandala-like energetic geometry, in which we sense the spiritual dimensions discussed above. At the same time, of course, there is no physical map to the spiritual realm.

There Is No Map

There Is No Map

Robo Bro Now, Mixed Media, 2017

Wheel of Life

Explores the spirit and looking within, with the Buddhist Wheel of Life as a starting point. The titles derive from its six realms of existence. In some pieces you find the suggestion of the attribute of the boddhisattva (a symbol of compassion) associated with each realm. For example, in the Hell Realm the attribute of the boddhisattva is the mirror. Whereas the Wheel symbolizes the need for gaining personal insight, the references to DNA and genome sequencing serve here as a metaphor for the hand we are dealt at birth.

All of this personal appropriation notwithstanding, I hope the spirit of the subject is sufficiently conveyed though color, light, and arrangement.